XL Witch Ball Chaos Iris™ Iridized

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PWB 409wL-200
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Our glass art witch balls begin as clear recycled glass. As the ball of molten hot glass is formed, the ball is rolled into color glass granules to provide the design. These granules are added to color 40 to 70% of surface of the finished ball, allowing sunlight the to illuminate the sphere, and the glass strand inside the ball to be visible. Each witch ball is handcrafted unique. No two are exact. The size is approximately 8" diameter. These balls are sealed, and will work well as pond floats. Let the magic of our glass artists protect your home. Iridized for reflectivity.

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2 Reviews

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    •XL Witch Ball Chaos Iris™ Iridized

    Posted by Chris on Aug 17th 2021

    After I repotted a spider plant, it did so poorly I trashed it (no good deed!!) but I had a ceiling hook which I could either plaster over or hang something else. A friend suggested a Witch Ball and I could not be happier with my purchase. It hangs in front of a window so the light shines through. So gorgeous! Plus I found a ribbon to hang it with that totally compliments the colors in the ball.

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    Chaos can be Awesomely Colorful

    Posted by Douglas Bowe on Jul 28th 2018

    As with the other XL witch ball I ordered, I am so glad I decided to go large for the garden. Was looking for something to display among hanging baskets, and backtracked to the Iron Elegance website from Amazon. The beautiful colors and Iridized finish really make this one stand out, even when hanging between two baskets full of colorful blooms. I am already eye"ball"ing additional items to purchase.

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