Italian Horn "Cornicello" Gold Topaz

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  • Italian Horn  "Cornicello" Gold Topaz
  • Italian Horn  "Cornicello" Gold Topaz
  • Italian Horn  "Cornicello" Gold Topaz


Italian Horn "Cornicello" in Gold Topaz color, iridized finish.

The Italian Horn “Cornicello” is an Italian talisman to guard against the “Malocchio” or “Evil Eye”. The Malocchio is a curse thought to be given from casting a malevolent glare to someone stemming from feeling jealousy or anger. It can cause bad fortune, injury and disrupt the peace in homes.

Feeling a bit off? Some bad fortune been coming your way? Maybe your home isn’t as peaceful as you want it to be? Go ahead and hang one of our handmade, glass Cornicelli and rest easy!

Size is approximately 3” x 3” x 9”

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