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Heart Candlesticks
Hand crafted in the "symphony style", meaning two craftsman working together, these unique candlesticks suggest unity, love and light.

Heart Candlestick Celebration, Pair

Sale New
Heart Candlestick Celebration, Pair Catalog Number: AS 41M
Each Heart Candlestick is handcrafted mouth blown recycled glass. The Celbration design is a bright blue sky with rising colorful ballons. The size is approximatly 4" diameter at the base and approximatly 13" tall. Sizes and color patterns vary due to the hand crafted aspect of this product. Price shown is for a pair (2) pcs. Original gallery price $199 pr. Add quantity (1) to the cart to order (1) pair.
Price: $119.00 Quantity:

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Not Made In China!

Heart Candlestick Amorous , Pair
Heart Candlestick Amorous , Pair

Heart Candlestick Auspicious , Pair
Heart Candlestick Auspicious , Pair

Heart Candlestick Covenant , Pair
Heart Candlestick Covenant , Pair

Heart Candlestick Insatiable , Pair
Heart Candlestick Insatiable , Pair

Heart Candlestick Resolute , Pair
Heart Candlestick Resolute , Pair

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