Abalone Hearts
Aroma Friendship Ball
Candle Holders & Sconces
Carpathian Glass Works
Contemporary Candle Holders
Contemporary Wine Bottle Holders
Crackle Glass Works
Earthenware / Pottery
Flying Pigs!
Frieze Frames
Gazing Ball Stands
Gazing Balls (12 Inch)
Glass Clocks
Glass Gourds
Glass Hearts
Grateful Pumpkins
Hand Painted Art Glass
Hummingbird Feeders
Interior Elegance
Iron Garden
Iron Hearth & Tools
Iron Kitchen
Iron Lighting & Oil Lamps
Iron Reflections / Mirrors
Ju Ju Witch Balls (6 inch)
JuJu Witch Balls (4 inch)
Kugels / Friendship Balls
Medusa Spirit Ball
Metal Art Sculpture
Ornamental Rustics
Silhouette Sun Sticks
Small Silhouette Sun Sticks
Spirit Tree Witch Ball (Lg)
Spirit Tree Witch Ball (mini)
Spirit Tree Witch Ball (small)
Spirit Tree Witch Balls (embossed leaf)
Sun Disks
The Terra Collection™
Unity Knots
Witch Ball Colossal
Witch Balls
Witch Balls (SM)
Witch Balls (Solid Colors)
Witch Balls (Specialized Effects)
Witch Balls (XL)
z 2nds Quality Glass Balls
3D Fish
Ancient Faces
Fish, Fish, & More Fish
Geckos & Lizards
Iron Rod Sculpture
Mini Metal Sculptures
Sculpture Crosses and Angels
Sea Creatures
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Metal Art Sculpture

From unique designs in wrought (rod) iron, to captivating plasma cut wall art, you will find the perfect artistic accent here. All items are totaly hand made.

Galvanized 3D Angler Fish
3D Fish

Apache Bust #4
Ancient Faces

Butterfly MP8

Angler Fish G
Fish, Fish, & More Fish

JD Chameleon Large
Geckos & Lizards

Amber Pygmy
Iron Rod Sculpture

Kokopelli Dancing Candle Holder

Ballerina Figurine
Mini Metal Sculptures

Christ Cross #6
Sculpture Crosses and Angels

Galvanized Seahorses
Sea Creatures

Apache Face 1

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