Abalone Hearts
Aroma Friendship Ball
Candle Holders & Sconces
Carpathian Glass Works
Contemporary Candle Holders
Contemporary Wine Bottle Holders
Crackle Glass Works
Earthenware / Pottery
Flying Pigs!
Frieze Frames
Gazing Ball Stands
Gazing Balls (12 Inch)
Glass Clocks
Glass Gourds
Glass Hearts
Grateful Pumpkins
Hand Painted Art Glass
Hummingbird Feeders
Interior Elegance
Iron Garden
Iron Hearth & Tools
Iron Kitchen
Iron Lighting & Oil Lamps
Iron Reflections / Mirrors
Ju Ju Witch Balls (6 inch)
JuJu Witch Balls (4 inch)
Kugels / Friendship Balls
Medusa Spirit Ball
Metal Art Sculpture
Ornamental Rustics
Silhouette Sun Sticks
Small Silhouette Sun Sticks
Spirit Tree Witch Ball (Lg)
Spirit Tree Witch Ball (mini)
Spirit Tree Witch Ball (small)
Spirit Tree Witch Balls (embossed leaf)
Sun Disks
The Terra Collection™
Unity Knots
Witch Ball Colossal
Witch Balls
Witch Balls (SM)
Witch Balls (Solid Colors)
Witch Balls (Specialized Effects)
Witch Balls (XL)
z 2nds Quality Glass Balls
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Welcome to Iron Elegance™ - Garden Art and Unique Gifts!

Fire and imagination with the creative hand of man combine to create the wrought iron and art glass products represented in our online showcase. For centuries the rustic and fine arts of hand forged, hammered iron, and glass blowing have endured man's modernization.

The tradition today of hand-forged iron lives on in the small villages and communities of Europe. Iron Elegance™ takes great pride in the privilege of presenting these products to you. We have carefully selected items of quality, uniqueness, beauty, and outstanding value. We work with the artisans to develop new and interesting design concepts. Heavy, durable, and detailed; these pieces are designed and made to pass generations.

Every item is hand crafted one piece at a time. All of the art glass and glass components are hand blown.

All of our products are made partially or completely with recycled items. We use recycled glass to make all of our glasswork. The steel used to make the wrought iron is partially recycled. All of the paint that we use is organic and safe for the environment. Our aim is to give back more to the environment than what we take.

We believe in the values of fair trade and fair compensation for the items that are sold on our website that aren't our designs. In fact, most of the items on our website that aren't designed by us are made directly by the artist. Our prices are so competitive because of the volume we deal in. If you find a cheaper price, we will match it based on a comparison of the products. The truth is we have never found anyone that could beat our value for what we sell but we welcome the competition.

Please enjoy yourself in our store and please ask us anything regarding our products. We strive to serve our customers.

At Iron Elegance™, we are passionate about our work and are always creating new designs. Remember to Bookmark this page so that you can visit it again in the future.

Call us at 1-800-637-6135 for questions about placing an order.


Frieze Frames!

Wrought Iron

Metal Sculpture

Unique Gifts

Wrought Iron Home Decor
In this department you will find home accent pieces that are both beautiful, useful and practical. In here you'll find home accents such as decorative center pieces, magazine racks and other wrought iron furniture.
Wrought Iron Racks
The kitchen is an important part of any household. Get more remarks by adding style with a wine rack, a utensil rack or our popular fruit basket.
Iron Yard Stakes
SunSticks™ are our trademarked design of combining our popular Kugels or Witch Balls into a garden decoration. Each SunStick™ is forged from heavy wrought iron and creates a garden attraction.
Rustic Wrought Iron
Here you will find your best value in rustic looking home accents. Candle holders, sconces and rough-hewn vases are all in this category.
Interested in Wholesale?
Many of the items on our website are available to qualified retail stores. Please email us your request. Please note that only qualified businesses will be given access to our wholesale site.
Glass Home Decor
Hand blown, European art glass. Copper overlaid vases, silver overlaid vases, candle holders, flower vases, ewers, urns, and amphora's. European art glass.
Wrought Iron Mirrors
Embrace the reflective quality of our fine wrought iron mirrors. Each one is made from high quality wrought iron with glass made to fit.
Friendship Balls
Fine hand blown glass ornaments, for all occasions, Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations, kugels, crystal angels, friendship balls, wishing balls, and witches balls.
Wrought Iron Candle Holders & Sconces
Iron Elegance offers a complete line of candle stands, candle lamps, candle lanterns, and candle wall sconces. These items make great gifts!
Wrought Iron Lighting & Oil Lamps
Attractive lighting is important to set the mode. We offer a number of lighting products including lamps, chandeliars, pendant lamps. Also check out our selection of oil lamps.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. All of the items presented are hand crafted and vary slightly as hand made product does. We hope you enjoy your visit to our wrought iron store and please contact us with any questions, product ideas, or special requests.

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